o.b. lifeguard tower

o.b. lifeguard tower

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On May 5, 1918, 13 men — including 11 soldiers and sailors — drowned in strong rip currents off Ocean Beach. Another 60 lives were saved in heroic rescue efforts. Four police lifeguards were aided by other swimmers to drag survivors and three of the bodies ashore.
This began the lifeguard services in San Diego.

Being raised along the coast of San Diego I cannot say I am one who never needed their services. Albeit it was when I was very young and it only happened once in a bad rip tide. If anyone has ever been in a bad rip and not known how to deal with it - it is an experience never forgotten.
There are those of us in the world who live for a higher purpose. Servicing others.  I do Imagine a day where teachers and lifeguards are paid more than celebrities.

I am an artist. I get to dream for a living.

o.b. lifeguard tower

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