tower 20 next to newport pier

tower 20 next to newport pier

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The Newport Pier is located at Oceanfront Boulevard and 21st Place, it is 1,032 feet (314.6 m) long and is registered as California Historical Landmark number 794.

The pier is popular for angling, strolling and dining - and there are some good waves there just south of this spot.

At the end of the pier sits a restaurant called the "Newport Pier Grill and Sushi." The restaurant has an outdoor patio called the William Wright Terrace which adds 288 square feet (26.8 m2) and can seat up to 28 with a view of the water.

At the base of the pier is the Dory Fishing Fleet, a beachside fishing cooperative founded in 1891. Also at the base of the pier is the headquarters of the city fire department's Lifeguard division.

The original wharf at this site was called McFadden Wharf, named for local landowners James and Robert McFadden. It was completed in the winter of 1888-1889, then connected by railroad to the interior in the winter of 1890-1891. It served as a shipping and distribution point for Orange, San Bernardino and Riverside Counties until 1907 and provided the nucleus from which developed the city of Newport Beach.

It is also serves as the base for Newport Beach Junior Lifegaurds, a program run by the fire department that allows for kids to receive basic water training.

tower 20 next to newport pier

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